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the best new musicals from around the world.

This material is especially selected to give you the edge in your professional auditions, and also for students of music and theatre. Use this website to discover and preview the songs that you choose, and simply select the sheet music and backing tracks you want to buy.


At Auditions

In an audition, your choice of song can influence the panel as much as your performance. Something fresh and new, a choice tailored to your own talents, is sure to beat a tired showtune and make you stand out from the competition.


For Cabaret

In your cabaret performances, it's great for an audience to hear songs they know and love...
but including new and unique material into your act adds a new dimension of sophistication and shows you're ahead of the game.


In Class

Are you studying towards a career in musical theatre, or maybe taking singing lessons?
Whilst it is important to learn material from classic shows, it's important to remember that many are over twenty years old. Using our material with your teachers will keep you at the cutting edge of new writing in the genre, the best way to be prepared for your future in the industry.

What people are saying about us...

"This is a splendid website and just what we need - a crucible of golden ideas ... Brilliant!"
~Hugh Wooldridge, Producer/Director/Writer

"MMD applauds initiatives for writers work to reach new audiences."
~Neil Marcus, Executive Director, Mercury Musical Developments

"Thank you! so quick!! this service is amazing!"
~Monica Salvi, on Facebook

"This is a great opportunity to shine at auditions with material that stands out in a crowd of overdone repertoire."
~Monica Salvi,  

How to find a song

Choose the genre you require from the top menu, then the left menu. Click the green button to play each preview, then the red one to stop.

Example :
This song is 'Reborn In You'

New Musical Songbook

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